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Post  colin crane on Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:44 pm

Welcome to our very first "forum board"... cheers  cheers

The topics & threads will grow according to future needs.

I hope that you like it thus far...?

Special thanks to my partner in crime 'Ronnytigs' for helping me to set this up in time for our first meet up!

The purpose of this forum is to create a perfect platform for us all to exchange ideas or views regarding our TMW group...

For those unfamiliar with forums like this, we'll gladly put you right as you go along BUT its also something to just have a go with and reply to, OR to add your own comments,  OR of course simply to keep up with whatever's happening within 'TMW'. Wink

There is a 'PM' section (Personal Message) that only the recipient can see, so getting in touch with an individual in private is dead easy...!

We DO moderate posts (check that all is well and that there's NO abusive language)...
'Admin' can delete any account/membership if needed, therefore we can restrict membership to those who qualify...
(No bad language please!!)

Enjoy our very own TMW and please tell any friends who might also be interested in joining us...!
We hope to see as many as can make it for our first meet on WEDNESDAY 11th November!
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